Wednesday, August 16, 2006

busy day

It's been so many days i didn't come and update my blog.. i always wanted to, but no time, still occupied by loads of work. This time i mean home work : assignments and lab reports, whereby the latter is more terrifying ones, dunno why. i never dislike practical class, but i do hate to hand in report after a week's time. i prefer handing it on the spot. yea, honestly, if i have a week's time, i'll only do it in the last minute. this also means that i'll give myself loads of excuses to not to have time to complete my own report now the situation is i ask my friends to borrow their reports. i wish one day somebody would come to me and ask me to lend them my report, haa ! i want to contribute to my course too..
now the exam is drawing nearer and nearer, i started to feel anxious. but whenever i have time to actually spend my whole night in my room to study, i feel lost..because i dunno which subject to study first..sometimes i feel like i should study the subject which test is coming up first, but then i realise that other subjects have more things to study, need more time to understand and store in mind..of course i have to study them earlier or else i'll end up skipping some part of it. and if those parts which i choose to skip were asked in the test paper..i'm sooo gonna kick myself then.
this is the consequence of not doing revision every week. people, if you want to enjoy studying, better don follow my foot step. i believe taking part in activity really helps us in our study. one of my fren says she starts to appreciate the time to study whenever she has them. but the point here is...NEVER over loaded with activities, or you'll feel like crying every night, because you enjoy gaining knowlegde from a book but u were too exhausted to even put your butt on your chair with your eyes open, sad..sad..
i find myself always have activities coming to me ( why not guys??! ha, joking ). i think the reason that i keep running out of time for myself is i rarely say " no " to people..i thought turning up in a discussion on BM debate motions ( which totally has nothing to do with me ) is a kind of moral support to my friends who are taking part in the competition, because they ask me to.. but then i think..they are always just a sms / call away, I don have to stay for the whole discussion, just mayb sometimes turn up at the beginning of the discussion then leave the room to them.
I think that’s it for today. Got to spend time study,ha~

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