Sunday, August 06, 2006

my new life

today 7/8/06

today's my fren -- chun yi's 20th birthday !! he's no longer a teenager! maybe it's something he'd like to celebrate, but for me, i don feel like leaving the teenager catagory yet, hee hee, every new day still feel like wonderful teenage life just started ..hmm..

been very busy these days.not that i'm in a lot of activitiesit's just that sometimes things happened unexpectedly and slowed down the progress. but thank God, everything just turned up fine. that's why i always agree that we'll learn a lot and gain experiences via taking part in activities, especially during our uni life.

sometimes after a long day of class+activity, i feel satisfy, because my life is filled. i've tried things i've never think of trying before,done things i've never think of doing it and the outcomes were quite good! in fact at times i really enjoyed spending my time for the activities, which i'll meet a bunch of funny ppl who'd pay full commitment,ha~ miss u guys..

but still,sometimes i was involved in activities that i don really like.well..i do believe in giving chances, i myself was also the first time assigned to the unit <>..but that leader was so !@#$% and she still declared that she joined a lot of activities in previous years..yea rite,my senior..the whole marketing unit was demotivated by her and i just wished that the activity would end as soon as possible.

joining activities are fun. but these days i feel like i cannot clique with those who are not interested in these activities..i mean my we join activities to get merit points in order to stay in hostel.the higher your points, the greater the chance to stay in. the cut-off point for every year is different is because it depends on how competitive the students are. so, to guarantee a place, keep trying ! well,of course, if you are not interesten in stayin in, u don hv to bother about the merit points, which most of my frens opt for...

here comes the sad thing..when frens hv their after class activities, even as simple as a movie time together..i cant be with them, always hv sth to do for the activities, or i'll need to spend the precious free time which's not occupied with activities to catch up with my studies, lab reports, assignment..i love my coursemate, they are nice people that i'd always want to get to know them better..but come to think of it, staying in hostel will really help me to save a lot of money and time, considering transport is provided back and forth to campus and hostel,and the facilities quite sufficient,plus u have activities u'd love to join&loads of cute juniors to meet.. i like my life in hostel..but i just talked to my fren about this coursemate relationship vs hostel life..i make up my mind this time, that i'm still going to join activities but i'd make time to hang out with my frens more this year, because i also appreciate the people i meet here, they worth my time and attention.

feeling a lot better after writing this,ha~

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