Sunday, August 06, 2006

send me an angel

today ..6/8/06

ya i know,i should post this up yesterday,but never mind..who cares?

today i depart from my hometown back to my hostel..tomorrow is monday,class starting..oh monday blue~ but since i met someone on the bus, who left quite a good impression to me, well, it's not so bad a day,hee ! though we only talked for a few sentences and didn't even mention bout exchanging hp number, i still hope maybe we can meet each other again. he's a TAR college student who stays in wangsa maju.yea rite, loads of college students stay there, the place which get famous recently because of the murder case..God please bless the community there..especially that gd manner guy whom i don even know his name..sad,sad,sad...

sometimes i feel that i need a shoulder to lie on, a person to share my problems or more..yea, someone who's more than a fren..and i wonder why God didn't send me one..then i come to realise that it's because i'm the kind of girl who falls easily..this mean i'll get hurt often if i always meet with the wrong people,and yea, another problem of mine is i really cannot recognise who to trust or who to give my heart still..the best way is i x meet with anyone when the time is not right yet.
after getting this straight, i start to grip my heart tighter so it wont fall easily. i believe God will let me know who is the right person at the right time, at the right place. besides, these days i'm quite occupied with activities, it's better i don hv a bf nw,or both of us will be just bear with it first la, when the time comes,hee hee,i'll appreciate.

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