Saturday, August 14, 2010


Event: IIU Open 2010
Incident: Buying ice-creams

Me: Isabel! Are you getting yourself an ice-cream or not?? (I've asked this for the N-th times)
Isabel: Are you? I feel like to, but..
Me: Yeah, it's kinda wrong to eat ice-cream in the middle of the day in public, in IIU!
Isabel: Oh the ice-cream looks so good!
Me: Rawr. Maybe we'll have to hide at some where to eat it?
Isabel: Toilet?
Me: Hahahaha!
KOK JOO: Oh no, you don't want to eat ice-cream in toilet, that just sounded so wrong!
Isabel: But we weren't thinking about that!
Me (towards the cashier): Kak, kalau kami beli ais kream, ada tempat kami boleh makan?
Cashier: ..(smiling) boleh je makan kat mana-mana.
Me: Oh, haha *still unconvinced*scan around corridor for some nice spot*
Me: Isabel! How about that corner?
Isabel: Yeah, looks ok.
Me: Yay! Faster buy ice-cream!

:D Ice-cream in a hot, boring afternoon while waiting for debate to start. Awesome! We were laughing at yourselves for being so anal about eating in public during fasting month and the fight (and eventually the failure) against temptation. The joy to find someone who crazed for the same thoughts. The whole incident was just so memorable. If I have the chance to do it again, I'll still pick Isabel to repeat this incident :)

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