Monday, August 23, 2010


I am currently staying with a Chinese, a Dusun, and two Malay girls. Despite staying in the same house, we actually seldom see each other. Especially Ana. She is working as a nurse in IJN, and her working shift is not fixed. Another Malay girl is Ina, who works in Grand Season Hotel. I seldom see her because both of us always go out with our own friends, so are always not in. Yvonne is a Dusun, whom I've mentioned a few times in this blog already. Yup, she is the one with the skillful hands and biggest heart. Another one is Ch'ng who is a Paed in HKL.

There were a few times, when I finally meet Ana in the house, we spent hours talking to each other, even if we both were tired and preparing to sleep already. Or we can just watch TV together, commenting about what we were watching. I am not a big fan of Indon dramas. But man, those guys were really cute and good looking! And the girls as well!

Or the both of us will go to Yvonne's room and disturb her. Although we seldom see or spend time with each other, whenever we do, it's just so natural. The connection and bonding are genuine and heart-warming. I'd say Yvonne knows my personality the best. The good ones and the bad ones.

I miss the time spent with them.

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