Saturday, August 21, 2010


One group of people I enjoy spending time with is my cell group in EFC.

We just celebrated Amos'es birthday last night, after our Bible study. I happened to be able to help Evon to buy the tiramisu birthday cake from Baker's Cottage in Wangsa Maju yesterday on behalf of our CG. I always like the excitement in choosing presents/cakes and planning for surprises. There wasn't a big surprise that needed a lot of planning last night though. But secretly lighting the candles in kitchen with other friends when the guys were praying at the dining table right outside the kitchen was challenging.

Amos turned 19 this year, hence we had to light up 10 candles. After lighting them, and we were all hyped and ready to bring out the surprise, we realised that they were still in the middle of their prayer. Hon Yau went on and on leading the prayer, and we kept watching the candles which became shorter and shorter, with their wax dripping on the cake, the heat from candles were melting the chocolate strips on the cake as well. And Hon Yau still went on and on... hahaha :)

Eventually they're done, and we sang birthday song right after that, and the usual candles-blowing and pictures-taking and cake-cutting events. Thanks to Amos, no mamak food for supper after CG this week. And thanks to Joanna, who made jelly mooncakes for us! I've never tried jelly mooncake, so it's interesting for me. Joanna indeed has skillful hands!

Finally, Hon Yau gave me a ride home as usual. I always enjoy the nice conversation during the ride. Most of the time, that's my last conversation of the day with human before I hit the sack. I thank God for such timely and pleasant way to end my busy and tiring working days of the week and prepare myself for weekends ahead.

It's become my routine on Friday evenings for a few months already. And I still look forward for CG and Bible study every Friday. This is a group of people I will miss dearly.

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