Friday, February 15, 2008

Price tag

Do you know how much you're cost?

You cost as much as the LIFE of God's only Son.

How much is that, exactly?


Not the cost of a Swatch limited edition Valentine's watch, nor the cost of space exploration spent by Malaysian government not long ago. Someone thinks you are His world. He dies for you because He loves you that much. He exchanged His life for your eternal life in heaven. He drained his blood to cleanse your sin, even if you don't confess you have any.

There's no accident in God's plan. Everything happens for a reason and happens on time, at the right time, right place, to the right people.

There is no accident in God's creation. You are His 100% perfect product. Those limitations and weaknesses we experience are there to make our life worth living. And for everything you do according to His will, shall be His proudest moment to watch you grow.

How much should one pay to take your life? He has to ask God himself.

Is there anyone have the right to take away your life?

No, not even yourself, for you can't name the price, too. But only God can do so, for He created you and pay for what it takes to make sure you are living with Him in heaven after life.

Is there anyone have the right to look down on you?

No, for you are not living for that bunch of people. You are living for God, and God will never belittle you, for He has great plan for us. Follow God, and you have every reason to smile =)

Can we reach God without Jesus?

No. Only in Jesus name we are saved. I challenge you to ask Him to show you, for this is the way I believe He is the living God.

Is God real at the first place?

Yes. He doesn't need scientific proof to show that He is here. Because He is more than just science. He is more than what human brain can comprehend and appreciate. Again, I challenge you to ask Him to show you. You can't deny it when you see things happen right in front of you.

Unbelievable? Believe Him =) Rejoice, folks!

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