Friday, February 15, 2008


I couldn't believe it. I'm outraged by the fact that me, as a senior in my debating team, have to beg or plead my first year juniors to go for training. I couldn't believe it when I say sorry to Fea that my KTSN juniors cannot make it to the training today, which they promised to attend at the first place. It's not my fault they cannot go. It's not my responsibility to make sure they attend training like attend classes or lectures. It's up to their personal initiative and commitment to go for training to sharpen their skills for future tournament or just for the fun of debat and meeting those bunch of people.

When I was first year, I did not travel to UKM Bangi by myself for once, but dozens of times. Even travel by public transport alone to tournament in UITM which by that time I have never been there myself. I couldn't think of any other reason to miss training. I do have other commitment, but I let the other parties down because I felt more for debate. And I never regreted the decision.

When I was second year, I packed my stuff and prepared to stay over night there when they have training till late night. Again, I forked out my own money and travel there alone, came back alone. And I'm still looking forward to such trips. There was once I've paid RM50 for a church camp. But because of debate, I gave up that camp and went to debate training. I've lost RM50 just like that.

When I am a thrid year now, homework and studies are getting a toll on me and a lot of tournament have to be missed because I have co-curriculum on Saturday. The first years juniors, suppose to be the ones with most free time, couldn't/didn't want to attend training in Bangi with excuses I couldn't accept.

Of course, it's up to you to make decision. But I'm trully disappointed with them when they say the training is too far to go to Bangi (main campus); if it's in KTSN (our hostel) then "maybe" they will come. They are too pampered and selfish to be a debater, which works in team.

One once asked me:" Can I not go for training but go for tournament?"


And that is how disappointed I am.

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