Sunday, February 03, 2008

A Friendly Hello

Wow, I couldn't believe what I was reading as my eyes screened through the lines. Here's a Friendster message from Karen:

Hi Cherlinn, I browsed the site randomly and your blogs caught my attention. I even read some of you archieves in the blogger. I it very much. Some of it is very touching, inspiring and motivating. If there is a lot more people like you out there in Malaysia, wouldn't our place be a more beautiful country? I am so so so surprise to see such a young person with such a big heart!! I would like you to be my friend Cherlinn. I'll begin with introducing myself. As you can see from my profile, my name is Karen. I am a very proud mum of 2. A full time homemaker. My profile will fill you in the rest. Have a Very nice Day!

That's... such an honour that I doubt I really live up to it. It feels so good to know that someone is reading my blog (*ahem* check out the date of the last comment I received). And not that, they like what they've read - my creation, my thoughts, ME!

Alright, shouldn't get over excited about it. Just excited will do =) I'll post up my writings once in a while, but can't be that often anymore. Studies have been heavy and I think that's how it suppose to be. Of course, there are always so many things to share here, I'll try.

Thanks for those readers who keep coming back. You know what the "Drop A Bomb" chatbox is for - to drop me a message if you don't feel like commenting on my posts. Don't be stingy on words of encouragement, it lifts up my spirit and keeps me going!

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