Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Sun Rise

Sometimes I’m amazed at the situation we learn things. Out of the blue, we’ll just have this thought pops into our mind and there you go, a lesson of the day.

This morning while I was traveling to HUKM on my campus bus, I’ve been reminded on something I’ve learnt before. And it feels good to be reminded again.

The trip to HUKM from my hostel, KTSN was only a 20 minutes drive in the traffic-jam-free morning. Before this I always thought it’s an hour’s ride! Well, anyway, since the seats were taken, some of us have to stand for the entire journey.

It was quite an early bus for us and a lot of us were forced to wake up earlier than usual. Hence it’s not surprising to see those lucky ones with the seats were fast asleep or at least closed their eyes in hope to get extra rest as the bus made its way to HUKM.

Half way down the road, we manage to catch the sun rise – something that’s as breath-taking as … no, it’s beyond my ability to describe it in words. The golden rays of the sun project unto the clear, borderless sky and reflected on the clouds, the cars, the birds flew by, and into my eyes. I was quite deprived of quality sleep the night before and I hadn’t got the chance to take a gulp of coffee before I set foot out of my room. Yet, I was fully awake by the sight and intrigued by God’s creation. The combination of colours is just perfectly astonishing!

I don’t always have the chance to catch the sun rise, moreover in KL where high-rise buildings are everywhere, the marvelous start-of-the-day art is not always available for us. I stared at the view, then on my friends who were resting their eyes, and back to the sky again.

What a waste.

Even if you’ve had the chance to watch every sun rise of the year, you will still be amazed by it everyday. No sun rise is ever the same with the other days’. The birds won’t fly by at exactly 7am every morning from same direction so to say. The degree of sun rays and hence the reflection on the sky is different as the pattern of cloud at that very moment makes the combination exclusively for that day, that moment only. And if we were to miss it, we’ve missed another good piece of priceless art.

It is the start of a new day. I started my day with a simple yet beautiful scene, a good mood, a fresh reminder that new hope has in stored for us. How about you?

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