Monday, January 07, 2008


Everyone's different from each other. Everyone is special. That's why we ended up no one is more special than the other. Hence, everyone is equal. This should be theoritically correct.

How ever, we tend to notice that some people are more lovable than the other. Some people are more acceptable in one's social cycle than another. Some people can fit into a particular clique, others, another clique. Everyone has his clique which he mingles comfortably in.

Few, unfortunately, don't. They never find a clique which they feel belong to. They are always jumping from clique to clique, trying to befriend to anyone, but never feel attached to anyone at the end of the day.

Are they affraid of committment? Maybe. But I believe some are simly too different from the society they're in. Nobody seems to understand their thoughts and behaviours. Nobody seems to care. They are just a bunch of wierd people, acting out of the norm. It's best to dissociate from them. Or so they think.

Maybe they have personality problem. Maybe they're not funny, they cannot make one laugh and take away their sorrows. Maybe they are to ego to mix sincerely with others. Maybe they've been living in their own worlds for all this while.

Maybe they have communication problem - they never understand what the other is saying and others also don't manage to catch what's he saying. Their concerns are always dismissed or hold no credibility. Maybe they've been to frank with their own opinion. Whenever his idea is too complicated to be understood, others give up to understand it as it is always perceived as not important.

They are always having lunch with themselves. You can see them reading newspaper quietly in one corner, not discussing the issue with others. They may carry a book, so that whenever they are alone (most of the time), they indulge themselves in the content of the book. They shop alone. They stand aside, watch the rest talking to each other but forming ideas inside their head following the conversation. The ideas are not to be shared with others. Because they don't think in the same direction with the group, at the very beginning. They listen to what the rest are talking. And listen. And debate in their own mind. And listen. And debate in their own mind.

It's not fun to be too different. One may even finds problem to let others understand this post. It's too different.

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