Thursday, July 17, 2008

I'll Always Be There

For some reason, other people can easily say they're busy and cannot make it for a certain event, believing it's still alright because the one who's always there will always be there.

I can never say "I quit!", can I?

And if you want some other people to understand that everyone is as busy as they do and should work together to lift the burden together, they'll say that you're a dictator because you never try to understand their situation. What? Oh, no, they never have to understand that you are busy too. They never need to know that your thesis proposal is next week and your supervisor has flewn back Iraq at this critical moment. All they need to know is that you are informed about their inconveniences and make sure that you understand their situation.

Hence when the work for 10 people is accumulated onto only 3 people's shoulder, this will chase people away even faster than a dictator's pressure. But they'll say they don't want to commit because the leader is a dictator at the first place. So from time to time, the so-called dictator has to plea for the other people to come back to help, by right it's their responsibility to help up with the team at the first place. After all the skills you taught them, all the time spent to get them the most comfortable training venue and bus ride to Bangi, help them to give excuses when they cannot make it for a certain event, paid RM50 from your own pocket for their accommodation during their VC Cup Debate Tournament yet remain silent about it until now... they still have all the excuses to leave and come back to the team as they like because you are a dictator who never understand that not everyone is as free as you do.

I'm nearly exhausted, but am tired of the never-grow-up babies already.

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Teddy said...


some people are just plain 'selfish',they think of themselves so much, they just dont bother about other's situation..

I've met quite a large number of such pathetic people in my stay in UKM..

do group work, they say not sure how to start, duno where to find info, when asked to gather at library, they dont come... really really pissed off!!!! asked them to write, they copy paste every single word from the book or web, then u have to spend time to edit everything so that lecturer dun say its Plagiarism n give u an F for it...

when u asked them to change anything, edit anything, say something no good, they say u r bossy, who gave u the authority to tell them do work?! haha... in the end, its always our fault...

really hate it!! but then, cheer up laa... i understand ur feelings... really frustrated.. dont let this ppl ruin ur day..

c ya