Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Of Course

I do not smile unexplainably at the sound of your name. Because I can explain it. I have been smiling the whole day because I am happy today. Not because I have been thinking about you. Even if I happened to think of you for the whole day a while, that doesn't mean you're the reason I smile. There is not chain of logic between me thinking of you and me smiling. Because, it's normal. It's just a non-exhausting smile. Everyone can do that when they're happy, right? Even if the kind of joy is not usual - like a little sparkling glitters in my guts, a butterfly that makes my heart beats with silent excitement, it doesn't mean it's something that unusual that I have to write a post about it. I mean, even if I were to think of you, it's not something I should feel guilty about. Because I think of many people everyday. Sometimes, I even ask myself why didn't the Nasi Lemak stall open that morning. Yes, that's right. Many people. You're just one of them. So not special that I can forget about you when I wake up from a good night sleep. Even if I were to meet you tomorrow, it's just a normal hang out. Of course we need to meet up with friends sometimes. And, of course I'll feel excited to meet up with friends.

We're just friends, right?

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