Saturday, July 24, 2010


I guess I've lost count of the days we went out together, for movie and meal and shopping, for great company and heart-lifting conversations, and ends with a comfortable ride home for me. Just the both of us. Again, it's totally not a date, for the N-th times.

You'll always laugh at me, for reason I still do not know. But you always make me laugh as well. We never run out of conversation topics, until we're really exhausted at the end of the day, and decide to just enjoy the silence. For many people, moment of silence can be awkward. But it isn't for us.

This time, you actually brought up something we did during our last outing - the restaurant we've been to, the menu and the Jazz musics. It amazed me because you thought it's something worthed to mention again, and the fact that you actually still remembered the details.

And you said that I've known you well. At least the decidophobia part of you. You always make me get so excited to see you again. And when you're right in front of me, you make me feel so calm and peaceful. You always do, ever since the first time I know you. How do you do that? :)

Thank God for a warm person like you. Thank God for a wonderful Saturday evening spent with you. I think, the farewell-party ride I mentioned a few months ago, is at its peak today. It is crucial for me to properly close the chapter of you in my life before I move on.

Exhausted but happy,

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