Saturday, March 13, 2010

Hilang Kereta, Again

My Friend warned me not to post this in my blog. She must be rewarded by knowing me so well that she knows I am going to post it in my blog after what has happened :)

I'm sorry, I just can't help it!

This time, it's with her own car. Not Soon Chien's car. Not Izza's car. We went out for dinner as usual. And as usual, being indecisive and kept changing our minds and got distracted by some other stuff we wanted to get off from our chests. Finally we headed to KLCC instead of McD after being honked by cars behind in Bulatan Pahang. And we laughed at each other while Jason Mraz's songs were played at the background.

She knew the way to KLCC (car park) so well that she could drive with her eyes closed. She did the reverse parking with little effort. And absent-mindedly we walked to the escalator towards Suria, not remembering the lesson both of us shared at the same car park, around a year ago.

We had dinner, talked, laughed, satisfied, paid the bill, paid the parking fee and looked for her car. And looked for her car. And looked for her car. And we still could laugh at each other, that the same thing repeated itself - the same people (It was also just the both of us during the first time we "lost" our car.), the same car park, with the same reason we couldn't find it. We were confused by which level we parked our car.

We sheepishly went to the car park office to look for assistance, again. With some guidance, we managed to find her car, parked innocently at a level below the one we searched. She said this kind of incident only happened when she's going out with me. I actually felt proud to hear the statement *grin*

It's always fun to have her around, no matter what has happened, even if it was to hear her groaned about her thesis. Because loving someone is not wanting them to be perfect, but knowing that they are imperfect yet not wanting them to change a bit :)


Junne said...

Day cheered up with big big laughs! ;) love you too!!

Gine said...

Hee hee, apparently Kooi Cia managed to guess it's you, too, My Friend ;-)