Saturday, June 19, 2010


THIS weekend had been driving me nuts! Ok, maybe it's exaggerated but I did feel like screaming at times, out of this explosive kind of joy I am blessed with.

1. came back BM with June on Thurs, had a nice time catching up with each other. Really, really nice meeting her again

2. had char koay teow

3. watched World Cup matches with dad and made jokes about vuvuzela

4. brought parents to Chili's in Gurney Plaza

5. mesmerised by Penang Island, again

6. dad bought durians simply because I sorta said "Durians smell good!" That's my lovely dad, always puts us before himself ;-)

7. talked to friends over the phone and actually asking them how they're doing at this point of time. the fact that I actually still have time and the technology to do so whenever I miss them.

8. sleeping and waking up in my own room

And something else which I'm really excited about, yet I'm not making it public yet. Hopefully those whom I revealed it to will keep it with them a little longer, at least till things are finalised and confirmed.

Like, OMG I really feel like screaming my lungs out right now. breathe. breathe. Like, really, scream.

Oh no, bus going back to KL will be departing in 10 hours time :( I'm already missing home.

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