Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A Note

Naoto Kan replaces Yukio Hatoyama, likewise for Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd. Abang Syuk's wedding was in March, while Ariff's on 1st of May.

Then only I realise what this blog is for. It's to record the changes in me since I've made a mistake, by jumping unto an unstable platform when I'm already on a secure one. I always thought it's not a mistake after all, no matter how I couldn't explain the heartaches even if I was the one who initiated it. Maybe it is not a mistake. But you're still the man who understands me the most, and I miss being the girl I was when I was with you.

You did break a promise. But that's because I broke your heart first, for too many times that I shall not be forgiven. Yet if there is still forever a soft spot for me in your heart, I'd be forever grateful.

I'm sorry, Lazybud.


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