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it's not a date

It’s not a date

On 3rd February 2007, we went to MidValley. Do I have to explain who were the “we” here? Ok. It’s Albert and I. we went for movie and shopped for (his) new year clothes. And it’s not a date. Joshua, one of my UKM debate friends in Bangi used to explain to me that going out with guy friends is different from going for a date, for the latter is more to giving each other a chance to see whether or not they’ll be couples in future, whereas the former is only a simple hang out.

We met at Titiwangsa Star station around 11am. It’s my first time to take Star instead of Monorail to Midvalley. Of course, travel by Star is a lot cheaper than by Monorail. Thanks to Albert, he’s taught me a lot in this LRT thingy ever since our first year. I don’t really dare to try out the Bandaraya star-ktm interchange station myself because I know it’s not really linked nicely. Both Bandaraya star and ktm stations are some distances away from each other. Me as someone who has no sense of direction, getting lost is not unusual. Then from Bank Negara (as in Bandaraya station for Star) KTM, we headed towards Midvalley.

We bought the 2:30pm movie ticket for Blood Diamond, a movie which Albert strongly suggested and me agreeing with him only after I read Jun Hoe’s suggestion in his blog. It’s not that I dislike heavy movies, just that I dislike blood-shedding-for-no-reason scenes as in Terminator series. Su Yin testified that there were some quite emotional scenes. Well, this, is what I’m looking forward to J . I just like to be reminded about some values after a movie, like in Blood Diamond, it’s about family ties, wars, humanity, greed, friendship etc. Touched? Great impact.

Oh, I shouldn’t forget to tell you how we were able to buy tickets from the counter with only 10 min queue during WEEKENDS! We’ve expected long queues for movie tickets. So we went to line up obediently, at counter 5. Very soon, counter 6 opened. Some people in front of us left their counter-5 queue and lined up at counter 6, so as we. Within 2 minutes, counter 7 opened, so we just left the queue again and lined up at counter 7, waited for around 4 customers to reach our turn. Unbelievable? Believe it. I’m here to testify that “God will make a way, when there seems to be no way.” I prayed for our outing earnestly for several times already. I knew it’s His mighty hands with great mercy that make this happened. I smiled, and praised our creative God in my heart.

Oh, before the movie, we went for Pizza! I like pizza, but maybe not as much as Albert does, haa, he sounded like a Pizza Hut maniac when he told me about it. It’s even funnier to know that for him, one feels more for the atmosphere in the restaurant if we had pizza as dinner, kekeke… I told him that I was starving, so I’d feel the atmosphere the same. I couldn’t believe I can make him to give in to me for this. We ate and chatted and laughed. We talked mostly about our families members. I enjoyed sharing these with him, and would like to hear more about his in future. He commented that I ate slow. Hey! He was the one asking me a bunch of questions and I spent my time answering them, that’s why. He’s finished his whole plate of meatball Bolognese (his favourite) when I was still half way through my first piece of pizza. When he’s done with his third piece of pizza (some more with knife and fork, and me with only bare hands) then only I was done with my second, and being demanded to finish off the last piece, while he started off with his already-cooled mushroom soup.

After the heavy lunch, we walked around the top floor just to kill time before the movie. I am looking for Nike shoes, so we entered several shops just to check out the Nike shoes there. Some shops have beautifully-designed Nike Women shoes. Of course, they come with more expensive prices. Some shops sell the shoes with prices which are obviously a lot cheaper, but with less attractive outlook.

Then we found Tropicana Life shop, which I’ve been looking for at other places too, as I’m looking for a backpack. My previous backpack is also a product from Tropicana Life. I like it very much, comfortable and quite reliable, most importantly it’s multipurpose - allow me to fit my one-day-trip necessities, or my laptop to go Starbuck for a whole-day internet surfing, or just a usual class in campus when I need labcoat and sweater and water bottle, so I was considering to buy a TL bag again, for I like their designs too, user-friendly yet eye-catching.

After that, haa haa, we noticed there was an exhibition about wedding. No, we were not mistaken as couples-ready-for-wed.We were expecting to have a look at some new fashion bridal gown. Sadly, there was only a few dresses displayed, but some were really pretty though. Most of the stall are about the setting for their wedding dinner – garden wedding, ballroom dinner, candle light ceremony etc. Not bad. Albert said he likes his wedding to be in garden and the luncheon tables decorated like under a tent (if I heard him correctly, hee) and he also likes the bridal gown with long tail behind.

When it was time, we headed to the cinema. We’ve got ourselves a good place. Albert told me about the different views from different position in the cinema, which rows are the best, which are partly blocked, which rows are acceptable etc. He’s not called movie king for nothing I guess, I’ve never been in a cinema so often enough to know as much as he is about one, ha! But I know my seat was the best seat, for it’s next to Albert…

After movie, we started shopping for Albert’s clothes. We didn’t mean to shop for his clothes only, I just couldn’t use to the idea of me trying clothes and show it to friends and ask for ideas. I made him felt guilty though, hee hee, nah, I didn’t mean to, ok? We ended up in Jusco gents section after our visits to Bump Equipment, Diesel, Romp etc. Sorry to say, I don’t really like Romp’s men shirts, some were plain ugly. I don’t know about their new style, but for the last year’s, I just can’t agree with their style. No, Albert, the one on you that day was fine. You should be lucky it’s a simple design one, for the complicated design ones, they’re just more to rags than shirts. But I like Romp’s pants, affordable and with loads of pockets, multipurpose, again.

In Jusco, we looked around then only we picked some that we liked for Albert to try out. We? YeaI contributed some ideas too ok? It’s my first time to shop with a guy, to be accurate, to help up with a guy shopping for HIS clothes. He’s very surprised to know that it’s my first time to do this, haa, but hey, there’s a first time for everything ok. I couldn’t believe me as someone with very little sense of art and questionable taste can give some analysis-like comment about the clothes he tried out. Thanks to the debating skills I acquired from that bunch of Bangi debaters, kekeke…. Several times we picked the same clothes too. Same taste? No comment. For the entire 3 hours in gents department, the most useless yet most truthful comment from me would be... “every clothes looked good on you..” I only said it once, sincerely, to him. If I said it for too many times it’d seemed suspicious I guess. This fact shocked me too, ok? Albert doesn’t have a model standard figure, but he has broad shoulders. I just stared at him, and having hard time on what dissatisfaction to pick at next.. Or was it because of something else? I don’t wanna know…

Then we headed for dinner at McD after Albert’s finally bought himself 2 shirts and a pair of 3-quarters pants. He’s achieved his target. I ordered Happy Meal again, because it seemed like the portion served in Happy Meal suits me, some more it always comes together with toys, hee hee! It was quite late already, around 9pm something. I never dare to stay out hostel so late, especially in places like shopping mall. But like I said, everything seemed safe when Albert is around. I only worried whether or not we’ll reach my hostel before my curfew at 12 midnight, that’s it.

After dinner, we headed towards Tropicana Life shop again, to make my final decision after taking the last look at the pink bag I spotted earlier. After some discussion from Albert, I decided to “take down” the backpack! Pink bag, again? Never mind, he said it might looked good on me, hee hee, for I agree that other colours were really not to my likeness. With the sense of “gentleman” (I guess), he helped me carry the new bag, which was the only thing I bought, all the way back.

We departed back around 10:00 or 10:30 pm, with KTM. Although I was exhausted and he suggested to take cab straight from Midvalley, I still prefer to take the longer trip back, just to spend more time with him. Of course I didn’t tell him this reason. I sounded more like want to safe money hence chose the route. I surprised him with the Strepsil for sore throat which I bought it secretly earlier that day, at Watson, when he was surveying the hair gel. He was surprised, I suppose, but he said he already had it back in his room… well, hope I sent the message across… which is – I care, even if he doesn’t really have a severe sore throat, maybe not yet or just a very mild one.

At Titiwangsa Star station again, we took a cab, first to my hostel, then only his at Setapak. When I was halfway walking in my hostel, then only it occurred to me that I still owe him RM30 for the pizzas, and movies, man… I didn’t mean to forget… I was really too blurred to remember, for I was exhausted after the 12 hours outing. I’m not a shopaholic like my sister ok. Hey, it is somehow like my new record! 12 hours outing, some more with only a guy, and I got to come back safe before the curfew.

But the most precious thing is, it is a continuous 12-hours enjoyable moment in my life which I’d forever treasure *smile*.

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