Friday, February 16, 2007

A Prayer

A Prayer

Heavenly Father,

I want to thank you for everything You’ve given me, especially sending these wonderful people in my life.

I want to put Jun Ling in Your mighty hand, Lord. May You bless her abundantly in her in her everyday life. She has been a great blessing in my life and I always believe it’s You who have sent her to do things for You, making impact in my life, guiding me in my journey seeking You. Holy Spirit has spoken through her when I have doubt in Your way, Lord, I knew it. She has always been a faithful servant to You, too, always wants to do things in Your way to glorify You. May her service be pleasing in Your sight, Lord, and I pray that Jesus’ precious blood will always protect her from the evil ones.

I also want to thank You for sending Kimberly in my life, for she, too, has help me a lot in strengthening my faith in You. As a spiritually-motivated person like her, she views prayer as an important tool to draw ourselves closer to You. She also says that by reading Bible daily and also memorizing scriptures can help us be more alert towards You words, so that we can hear You when You talk to us and guide us to do things in Your way. Father, may Your grace and mercy be upon her and Jesus’ love overflow her, make her a blessing to the people around her, just like how she’s been a blessing to me.

Father, You know I’ve learnt a lot from both Jun Ling and Kimberly. I’ve grown a lot with their help and guidance. They are indeed Your humble servants who work to see Your kingdom come. They’re graduating soon, Lord. I pray earnestly for them to be able to complete their final semester successfully, with You, Lord, always be their rock. For Jun Ling, Lord, she’s now having posting in Ipoh hospital. I pray that she’ll gain a lot more new knowledge and experiences in these 3 months, make her more ready to face the coming posting in March. Mighty Lord, make her a wholesome person to serve You, Lord, in the field that You’ve put her into. May Your will be done in Jun Ling,Lord. For Kimberly, she’s now struggling with her thesis. I pray, Lord, that You may bless her with wisdom in analyzing the data she obtained from her research as well as time managing, so that she may glorify You via her thesis. May the Holy Spirit speak to her and guide Kimberly to do things in Your way. Father, also bless them with good health when they’re going through all these, Lord.

Last but not least, God, I want to pray for Albert. Lord, You know how things had happened, for You are our creator and everything is under Your control. Lord, I really admire Your creativity, from the way You’ve created such a special person like Albert. Having him in my life is really a great blessing from You, Lord. I’ll never know how to express my appreciation towards You, for he has brought me joy and tears, ups and downs in my life, but nevertheless, the understanding about love. I’m willing to do things for him without asking for repay, willing to be patient towards him, willing to care for his needs and feelings, willing to see him as he is. Now I know how much more You love me, Lord, for being there when I called You, care for me when I least expected to, patiently forgiving my sins, and take me as I am, Your innocent daughter whom You have created and loved. Father I believe You have sent Albert to me to change my life, which he did. May Your will be done in him, Lord. I really thank you sincerely for giving me a chance to know such a wonderful person like him. He has made me feel safe whenever he is around, and wherever he brings me to. I know this is the feeling I suppose to have towards You, Jesus, to trust You more and feel safe with You guiding me. I also treasure the moments I spent with him, they spell “Joy” in my life.

Albert, as a second-year medical student in my campus, will be leaving with his coursemates to HUKM soon, for their coming clinical years before they graduate. Father I pray that You’ll bless him with wisdom when he deals with patients, diagnose them accurately and treat them correctly. Make him an ethical doctor, Lord, a doctor with a heart which is made of flesh, not stone. Lord I also want to pray humbly for strength for him, Jesus I pray that You will bless him with sufficient strength and alertness to withstand the long-hour on-call period. And also with good health, Lord, to keep him away from the hospital-acquired diseases. I pray for good working relationship between him and his colleagues, may he be a blessing to the people around him, too. Jesus may Your precious blood cover him from the attack of the evil ones, and the guardian angels always be with him to watch over him in his future life as a doctor who serves You humbly. Bless him abundantly Father, show him mercy and grace, and let him see miracles which only You can do.

I pray in the name of Lord Jesus Christ, Amen.


Jun Ling said...

Thanks Cher Linn!!! I never knew u had a blog! Maybe while as a student in KTSN, not alot of follow ups can be done with things in the internet. Heard will have wi-fi in KTSN next sem, u little juniors really blessed la..hehe! I'm so touched to read ur blog especially this prayer u actually made and blogged. You have been a blessing to me. I'll always remember u as having the BIGGEST prayer list in your room. Cool ~~ i might adopt it in my future settlement :) God bless u dearly little sista!

kimwong said...

dear Father,
I want to thank you for Cher Linn's life. I know You love her so much and will not stop caring about even the little details in her life. I pray that You will shower her your incessant blessings and fill her with love, joy and peace everyday of her life. Let her draw close to you each day, O Lord and trust You with all her heart. Bless her with good friends just as she has been one to me. Bless her in her studies that she may bring glory to you throughout her university years. Father, I uphold her unto your hands and believe that You always have her best interest at heart. Her name is written on the palm of Your hands.
In Jesus name' Amen.

cher linn said...

jun ling - i didn't tell anyone that i have a blog here is because no one ask me about it. also because my blog is not updated as often as i wish to and not as interesting as others. tak kan tell everyone to come visit yet got nothing informative to post ma, hee hee

kimberly! i never know you'd drop by leh! how are you? and thank you so much for the prayer, it really warms my heart and glad to be reminded that i'll always have a gd sis in Christ like u :-)

Jun Ling said...

Don't try to keep a secret between me and Kim, it's pratically impossible, hahahahah!!! Next sem is st arting soon, how fast time pass by. Always lean on Jesus ya! If u need any prayer, can always drop me an sms or email. Take care!