Friday, March 30, 2007

chocolate, anyone?

on 29th March 2007, I received my first time ever chocolate present from... well, Albert. My first reaction after I-Ling told me it's from Albert was "Huh?! Albert?". Yea, it's very unbelievable. I knew he went to Pulau Langkawi with his coursemates after their final exam for the last time (hopefully no repeat year lah, ha~) here in UKM KL Campus, but I never know he'd bring something back for me. For two consecutive years, at least I did buy him present for his birthday, dedicated things twice for him, once was during mooncake festival in our first year and another during second year's CNY celebration, and also bought him chocolate from Famous Amos on this year's Valentines' Day, not because he was my X, but because he was feeling quite down that time. It was just a chocolate to cheer him up.
It was a Thursday when i received his chocolate from his friend's girlfriend, who is also my coursemate (complicated huh). i remember the day because i had to do presentation on behalf of my Entomology Self-learning package group project. I was very nervous, some more I had class since 8am and I want to fast during lunch in conjunction with the coming Easter Day. Albert's chocolate has been with I-Ling since this weekend, but she has forgotten to bring it to me until the Thursday, which was quite a good time when I come to think of it, ha~ The chocolate just... cheered me up :-) and keep me going for the rest of the day, despite lack of sleep in the previous night.
i know Albert didn't mean anything as he gave this chocolate, because he was in Langkawi, what else you want to buy for your friends? It may be just a token of appreciation, or a farewell present... The idea aches me again. i know very well that I might not be meeting him any more. Life has to move on, but I hate the aching feeling in my heart whenever i listen to love songs in the radio, and the thought of our special friendship... how should i describe it? Nevermind I guess, it has come to an end now. I just wish him the best and hope he remembers that knowing him, makes my life worth living.
i always say he is an angel sent by God to protect my heart as I had to leave my first ex. If it's true, i think ending our friendship with a chocolate is another way God wants to protect my heart again.

Thank you, Albert. Without noticing it, you had actually walked with me a very challenging time in my life.

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