Friday, May 04, 2007

it's been a while~

it's been really "a" while i didn't blog. due to my final exam which lasted for 3 weeks, hee hee. quite a lot of things i'd like to write about, such as the Women's debate tournament, dinner with ai huey then watch the movie Shooter with Fea, Jespreet, Alia, Jun Hoe, Kelly and Stella, my moving-out from my current beloved KTSN room..jun ling and kimberly's graduation.. but i think..later la, ha~

today i'm really thrilled, because now i can have internet connection STRAIGHT FROM MY ROOM!! although it goes off twice already in 2 hours time, but it's considered as OK already. i usually just need it to check my mails and..ok, blog occasionally. then looking for materials is when i really have the time and mood. staring at the compter screen for longer than 1 hour is not what i like to do, except watching DVD, ha~

i'm suppose to pack my stuff, it's just a little bit more, just need to put the table lamp into its box, the kettle into its box, fold my remaining clothes and pack into the luggage, arrange the books into the box..but i feel so lazy to start packing..i'm kinda tired too. i woke up quite early this morning, to me. to do revision another time for my Virology&Mycology paper. after exam i went Borders book store at time square to grab 3 books then come back hostel, showeled and took my nap. then go lepak around KTSN. i really like KTSN, especially the room i'm staying now. i'm such a blessed girl. although the room is not the nearest to, but it is near(just a few extra steps difference)to the bus stop, CC, cafe, downstairs have a little sofa area with TV, near to the toilet at my level, quite cooling, have sun light shower into my room in the evening (so can hang my washed clothes in my room without worrying when is it going to rain), near the washing machine, everything in it is still in good condition, the light and fan are new, the cupboard...i can go on and on. some more now have wireless in my room!i hope to get back this room next year. but what i heard is.. a lot of people also aiming for this block (block H)and my room is at 2nd level, to me it's the best floor because i don't like to climb the staircase yet i think 1st floor is not safe from robberies.

i think i'll write more in my next post la, can't keep on like this, right? i should be able to let go these wordly desires for these things don't belong to me, and i don't belong here too, i was only here for a short period of time. i'll still be staying in this KTSN 1 for my 3rd year, God, i pray that you'll bless me with a wonderful year ahead. how do i define "wonderful"? God, U define it Yourself lar~ things go according to Your will ma, hee hee. i'll let you know how God define "wonderful" when i look back my 3rd year and blod it here. just don't be surprised with the way i talk to my God. He's so high up in heaven yet so near to my heart.

now i'll just pack my stuff, brush my teeth and then lie on the bed to continue with the new books i bought today. what a great night!

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