Tuesday, May 15, 2007

poor artists

there's this thought suddenly came into my mind when i heard this familiar radio station ads. the ad's to creating awareness among the music-loving people for not to support illegal downloads(of songs) anymore. the reason they give is because "any artists won't get paid" and eventually the only artist in the world would be those from the class Insecta(insects). sounds serious and logic, until this new "awareness" came to me: for the time being, the piracy rate is already kinda high, but artists are still earning loads! in a few years time in the entertainment world, a normal artist already had the ability to buy his family a bungalow, Jennifer Lopez is still able to support the expensive leather product, akon can get hinself a 100% real diamond "AKON" pendat.

fine, by supporting piracy, these artists will earn less, but will winning against piracy and let the artist earn more will benefit the world? madonna will be adopting another child from, say, north korea *laugh*, i think.

what i see from the friends around me&myself is that, if we really like the artists, we'll buy the good quality original album. if i only like 1 song from a particular album, then sorry la, of all the 13 songs u sing, i only like one, you need to work harder then, i don't mind if you stop making music anyway. that's why some artists sell their album together with posters, calender and stuff, sort a way of packaging to give more reason for people to buy the original and even to pre-order! like Jay Chow. with a normal price, his album already can sell like mad, really, his talents are not only shown by several songs but several albums! yet by buying his album, you can get a huge poster(big enough to become a wallpaper,ha)with cheap price. and the wallpaper, i mean, the poster is a very fascinating one. his true, loyal fans will never go supporting pirated CD or opt for (legal or otherwise) download, which is more troublesome, when you're talking about downloading the whole album, not 1 or 2 songs. in this case, we can see by supporting that particular artist, we get benefits. how about other artists? some of them don't even bother about the packaging thingy yet want to fight against piracy. well, even if their pirated album is in the black market, it's hard to sell, not to mention will there be any moron to copy their album at the first place. piracy maybe just don't happen to them anyway.

fighting piracy? ok, to respect the intelligent right, but it does not benefit the majority, it's a long fight then..

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