Tuesday, May 15, 2007


"It is a difficult decision for us to make and the people we choose are not solely based on merits."

Jun Hoe announced in an uncomfortable manner during our recent debate training-cum-australs selection in my hostel KTSN.

"For the team, it consists of 2 seniors and 1 junior, they are me(Jun Hoe), Salwa, and Jerry; as for the adjudicator, we'll be sending Cher Linn."

Honestly, my heart gave a hard pound at my chest. Good news in one hand is I'm selected to go for Australs debate tournament which I really wish I could go and gain the experience of participating in such a big(international, mind you!) tournament, and I'm going there as an adjudicator(as i wish) instead of a debater(more pressure). Sad news on the other hand is(to me)..Stella wasn't selected. Well, the reason we could only send 4 people to such a big, merry tournament is because our university doesn't sponsor us enough to do so. Frankly speaking, Stella is a far better debater than I am, despite the fact that she is my junior in university(ok, we are of the same age). I also really admire her passion for debate and yet, accept the fact that she's not chosen as it is. I'm glad that she's looking forward to future tournaments, so at least i know I can also attend those tournament with her, hee :)

I simply like Stella's company. We share a lot of girls talk the night we slept in a same room and I think I begin to know her more. She is a normal girl with interesting personality. And as I continue to see her as she is, I'd appreciate her mere presence even more.

Oh, details about the debate tournament I mentioned above, you can check out the following website for more details: www.australs2007.com

So, I should start to work harder on my "general" knowledge in this one month's time. Ai Huey says one month is more than enough for me to prepare. Hope I can keep the fire burning within me and push myself harder for what I doubt I deserve. I'm in a position where a lot more (competent)people wish they are in. I should do better to prove my worth, and my credibility as an Australs adjudicator!

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