Monday, July 09, 2007

stop it! the butterfly in my stomach!!

Oh man, i really dislike this kind of feeling keeps occupying my heart. It causes confusion and restlessness whether or not you think about it.

My crush towards the special someone has -grown-. Sad thing is, i know that we are going no where, it's only me in this dilemma. BAD thing is, i don't know whether he knows about it or not or -maybe- he has sensed something fishy..

what i know is, when he's in normal mood, he can always make me laugh just by showing his innocent face and innocent(not childish!) way of expressing his opinion. when he's sad or frustrated, my heart gets tightened and so wish to share his burden and emotion in side. -AND- when he's around, i always know that i can count on him, despite the fact that he keeps thinking himself as low credibility. and this person is no longer Albert.

sigh sigh.. got to go to class now.

by the way, a lot of things happened during australs, i wish i could post it first, but apparently it needs more time to structure my thoughts. later then.

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