Thursday, March 06, 2008

KLIUC 1st Friendlies

Maybe I should thank my SPM BM tuition teacher for his dedication in making us a letter-writing machine back then. With the most flower-ish and bodek-ing vocab I could come up to get UKM drives us to KLIUC, I was overjoyed as I received the news that for only two people going there from UKM KL, they still allocate driver for us during last weekend. Before going further, KLIUC stands for Kuala Lumpur Infrastructure University College, whose first Friendly Debate Tournament was only last week, and UKM sent one team and one adjudicator (me, again) as representative.

If not mistaken, this is my second experience of leading a team to tournament, with my first during MMU Women 2007. The team comprised of Ganeshree, Darryl, Dev (whose face shall always be remembered) and Issac. The motions were quite up to date, while some were simply too open. For example, This House Believes That Ronald McDonald should Run for Presidential Election. Dr.Omar wished me good luck before that round started, Haha~ Well, it turned out wasn't very confusing, for it's a fair and understandable case, yet the Opposition didn't do well in attacking the right place of the case, and the Government wasn't that strong in arguments either.

Out of four preliminary rounds, UKM lost thrice and won only once. It sounded terrible. But what do you know, the total team score were the third highest compared to all other teams attended the tournament (around 18 teams), including those who won more often than us. HAHA! That shows UKM do have good speakers - it is just that sometimes we tend to loose for few but killing factors. Work harder, babies! Next time you guys will surely make us proud =)

Actually I was all over the moon when I finally find out the reason (not the fact) UKM "nearly" made it into final round : There's no eliminary rounds before Final. So we thought they'll choose the team base on number of winnings and then compare the total team scores. But they didn't. We were gasping in confusion and overwhelmed with shock when we stared at the screen saying UKM was the Opposition team against UiTM the Government team. That was before we explained how things suppose to run (Hey, it's their first Friendly anyway) and IIU 3 found out their adjudicator gave them the wrong scores during the last round, landing them the team with the highest total team score (so instead of second highest, we were the team with third highest total team score).

I chaired for all the rounds, maybe single panel for several, and due to conflict reason, I was given the chance to chair for the Final round!! Woohoo!! I've never break as an adjudicator, but this time, I was in the Final! Well, simply because Dr.Omar and Zamir cannot chair for both UiTM and IIU were in the Final, that's why. Anyway, it marked an important chapter or history in my debating journey. It boosted my confident in myself and it served as an encouragement for me to stay in debate.

All and all, it's an interesting and meaningful weekend, with Ganesh, Darryl (who promised to work hard to sound more manly), Dev and Issac as a team, and moral support from Fea and Jun Hoe. Believe it or not, I can always remember the good, simple time we shared in mamakstall or any other eating outlets with this bunch of people. Journey walked with them are simply memorable.

Also not forgetting to mention a very good friend of mine, Huai Ming, who allowed to let me bunk in with her during the Saturday night. We had a long chat and watched Prison Break together. It's really a wonderful weekend =)

OK, back to studies!

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