Tuesday, March 04, 2008

One Girl Show

The sound of commuter swooping past the light railway, and there was I, waiting beneath Gombak Putra Station, for RapidKL T213 to depart from the station.

Yet another experience of traveling to a university for debate tournament with route I'm not familiar with, alone. This time, I'm attending IIU League Leg3.

It was a different experience all together, for I not only traveled there alone, but participated under the name of UKM - alone, too.

"Are you debating, Cher Linn?"

"No, I'm adjudicating. =) "

"I see. Then where is the rest of your team?"

"Well, they cannot make it for this time because they have exams coming up."

"Oh, you are the only one coming from UKM?"


It sounds pathethic. At some point it was. Participating in a debate tournament never crosses my mind as a one man show, or in my case, a one girl show. We always attend tournaments as a team, a big team. And we tend to stick to each other a lot and make noice. Our team is a happening, happy family team. This time, I'm doing all the talking and socialising alone, for my non-present team.

Everythig turned out well. I managed to get to know a number of new friends and engaged in more and deeper conversation with old friends, besides having a number of good laughs and lame jokes down the throat, which I doubt I have the chance to do it otherwise.

Spent a night at IIU, with Guljan from MMU Cyberjaya as roommate and enjoyed some good food from their cafeteria. IIU is a beautiful university. Wonderful architectures and breath-taking designs around campus, not to mention the strong, warm and friendly Islamic atmosphere there.

Chaired for two rounds of debate and paneled for three rounds. That's all. Fay from UiTM was kind enough to send me to Wangsa Maju Putra Station after the tournament on Sunday. That's very nice of her, despite the fact that UiTM and UKM were usually rivals in tournaments, haha =) Myabe that's already in history. Fay is still always my favourite Prime Minister, too bad she doesn't get dominated for election this time .

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