Friday, March 14, 2008

A Timely Change

For half a century, Malaysia was governed by the same political coalition party: Barisan National, or how Al-Jazeera translated it - National Front.

After the latest general election, I believe every (most, at least) Malaysian citizen has awaken to the fact that we do can make a change. And everybody is talking about the most dramatic political scene in Malaysia we can live to experience - National Front only won a simple (not two-third) majority to form the governement, with five states (Kedah, Kelantan, Penang, Perak and Selangor) fell into the hands of Oppisition parties.

I used to wonder if Malaysia democracy has died. We seemed to vote for the incumbent government no longer for the reason because they are really good, but for the fear we might face if we supported the Opposition parties. For too long a period the government has not changed, the people developed a sense of betrayal or rebellious if we voted other parties.

In fact, BN does looked like the best choice, with different race-based parties join together, logically thinking they will take care of every races concerned, which is the best decision for Malaysia, a multi-racial country.

However, with more and more corruption disclosed and injustice voiced, especially the ambiguity of separation between legislation and jurisdiction, people started to wonder if we continue to let the same party to govern us is the best way. Undeniably, racial issue is always the center of our attention and dearly to every Malaysian's heart. But we actually have moved on a little from being very racial minded. Sometimes we make policy no longer for certain race or groups of people, but for everyone. *ahem* except there are still rules protecting the not-so-real indigenous people (whose ancestors were actually fled from Indonesia, as stated in our history text books) and genuine indigenous inhabitants. That is another issue, anyway.

With BN big lost, Malaysia politics became something interesting and alive! People start to take note of what each politicians says and promises or begin to check if the leaders of the country is doing something good for the nation or something nasty behind our backs. The Rakyat is growing closer to each other despite different views on who should lead the nation. I always think politics of different nations are interesting in their own ways (such as how Bush is a joke in US politic), except for Malaysia's which news I simply flipped through every time I read the newspaper.

However, now every eyes is upon the new government and speculating how the new leaders are going to join hand in hand to develop the nation while the coming five years unfold. And the politicians better serve the people fast and efficient, because we now understand we have the power to hire them or fire them. Perhaps the political news will be as hot-selling as entertainment news, with more scandals discovered by opposite parties and clean and fair governance is ensured? Let's watch =)

Last but not least, I like the way Malaysians are civilised enough (except for a minority group of people in Terengganu during election day) to give the world an anti-climax scene - where we didn't have riot after the election result was released. I thank God for that. To anyone who wished for a riot in Malaysia - You're such a disgusting moron!

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