Friday, June 20, 2008

Sometimes you had have too many things to share because of the long duration you haven't been blogging, you don't know how to talk about them all anymore!

I am very busy with me industrial training lately, and every evening as I drag my tired body back home, all I wanted to do is bath, dinner and Friends (Scrubs, if I got the chance), check mails then sleep. And I do just that. Reports will be done when I'm not THAT tired, like, during weekends.

Industrial training in Seberang Jaya Hospital is alright, in fact, quite fun, because I've got to know a couple of other attachment students from PTPL. Thanks for the good memories, friends (Yes, I'm talking to Leen, Ain, Suraya, and last but not least, dear Non!). Not to be forgotten is Sharon who's kind enough to give me a ride to and fro hospital =) You're the angel God sends to save me, you know ;-)

All right, till here this time. I'm really exhausted, but contented at the same time :-)


Teddy said...

yooo... ur LI ending soon!!

or has it ended.. hehe.. dun cry ah..

u know, i got tears in my eyes when i left the company i was having training..

n my supervisor also almost cried... her eyes got tears n reddish, when i was thanking her...

Cher Linn Tang said...

Hey Teddy! Thanks for keeping up with my LI diary! Hee hee =)

I'm quite calm when I was leaving HBM before the HSJ duration, guess I'll be calm this time.

Your supervisor was a 'she' eh, maybe there's another reason she's crying...hmm *thinking suspiciously*

Teddy said...

Actually i got a few supervisors la..

the top wan, but she was busy, so she told me to follow her RA for 4 weeks (so the RA considered my supervisor oso), then I had to follow another researcher (Ms Khor) who is collaborating with my original supervisor...

the Ms Khor is a very very very nice lady.. she always help me and taught me a lot.. she is the one that had tears in her eyes when i say thank you n stuff... it was quite ermm awkward u kno.. haha..coz suddenly her colleague came in looking for her, when he open the door, look at her face all red... he was shocked!!! really u could c it in his face.. he duno wat to say, then just said "eerrr... i come back later" then close the door ady... hahaha

i really miss her.. very very nice lady...

good to know u had fun... hehe.. din c any lengzai ah?