Saturday, February 07, 2009

The Licence to Pay

There's this customer who complained to my manager about me not being sentive enough on who should pay for the bill after a meal in a restaurant. After that, he still requested to talk to me personally.

Man:"Of course it's the men who should pay for the girls! If your boyfriend brought you out for a meal, SURE you'd expect him to pay for you right?"

Me (thinking): "WHAT?! No... Firstly, I won't EXPECT anyone (friends/dates/boyfriend) to pay for me at the first place, especially not at a high-end restaurant which serves fancy food, unless they tell me before hand that they're treating me for some reasons, like birthday or to show gratitude or something. Secondly, it'll be we-pay-for-our-own-meals policy, so-called A-A Principle. Or, we take turns to treat each other. Personally, I have no problem with my guy friend letting me taking the honor to pay, occasionally. And, if it's the girl who paid at the end, I strongly believe it's actually a humiliation to the guy(s) at the table if I hand the bill to them before that. I've seen equal amount of times women paying for the table with the presence of men and vice versa. Even if it's a bit insensitive of a waiter to do so, I usually place the bill on the table without facing anoyone in particular. Unless: If it's apparent that it's a family and who the father was, I'd hand the bill to him; if it's only one adult and some kids then to the adult; if it's unavoidable then slightly more often I'd place the bill nearer to a guy or anyone who expected/called for the bill. So what's the problem?"

But apparently I don't have much choice in this case. So my answer was:

Me: "Yes, sir, I'm sorry about that."

Happy Valentine's day =)

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