Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Extreme Emotions

Sometimes extreme emotions are the reasons life is interesting.
A moment ago I accidently ruined F's plan for A's birhday. Yes it is already belated, and maybe that's the whole point of making it a surprising one. I felt extremely awful after knowing that I've ruined it because
(a) it's not easy for F to convince A that only the former will be going,
(b) before that I was there all excited asking Kevin, Pau and Kok Joo to join us in Chili's, and to call up other people also.
(c) I've always hoped every dinner with friends (some more it's in Chili's !!!12) will go smoothly as planned, especially when it's suppose to be a bashing one.

I felt like lying down in front of F and let her slaughter me. It's that awful to ruin someone's good plan which she's been putting much effort in making it a great one for A.

Not too long later, my "Mandarin class" so-called Student replied my sms about the class tomorrow *wink*. OK. At first I was not available to join A in her birthday celebration, wherever it may be, because I'm suppose to date teach my friend Mandarin. And tomorrow will be our first class, which has been postponed for 2 or 3 weeks already. I called him up and arranged tomorrow's plan so that we can accommodate both the class and A's birthday in one evening.

I smiled broadly as I hanged up the phone. It feels so good to talk to him, albeit for just a few minutes, that I'm thankful I'm not slaughtered by F, yet.

I prefer to live as a human who feels. If happiness has to come together with despair, I'd still take the cup of life. Cheers! :)

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