Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Chinese New Year is
- to race my sister up the stairs to see who can lock another out of the room :)
- to face the cruel fact that the kitchen STILL doesn't like me, and vice versa, too.
- to settle down at the dining table and have a peaceful dinner with my family.
- to realise that Friends is still me favourite TV show, every episodes of it!
- to laugh at the cartoons on TV with my brother, just like the old days.
- to stuff myself silly with Mandarin oranges and cookies like nobody's business, and think of ways to smuggle some of them back hostel.
- to spam everyone's Facebook wall with festive greetings, and get tonnes of email notifications later about their replies on mine :)
- to pour soup into my bowl of rice then only eat it with other dishes, just like when I was a kid. I don't have a chance to do that when I'm in uni. And home cooked soups and dishes beat every meals outside. Take that, you fancy restaurants!
- to feel the pain of not being able to read sms-es in Mandarin: my hp (which is from UK, thanks Tuna, groans..) is a Banana like some people thought I am, come on! NOOO~ OK, those who sent me Mandarin sms-es of course know I can read in that language, and I still love the hp ;)

Happy Chinese New Year everyone, even if you're not a Chinese or you're not celebrating it at all, wish you have a fantastic (tired of using the word "Awesome" already. "Brilliant" is my new choice of word *smile*) year ahead, filled with blessings and love.



Xu Vin said...

AWESOME new yr! wakaka.

man oh man hav2 studyyyyy already...

Kevin Tan said...


AWESOME chinese new year !!1

Cher Linn Tang said...

You guys are an awes..NOOOO! BRILLIANT bunch of people! lalala