Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Where is My Sky?

Standing in the middle of the open space, I stared unto the night sky. Expecting mysterious navy blue sky be sprinkled with twinkling stars, or patches of clouds serenely floating above me.

But no, I see the sky brightened by neon lights, all over the city. It's already 9pm, but it looked as if the sun has yet to set. As if, the sun refused to rest, refused to let the moon taking over its role to shine for the Earth. Or was it the act of mankind, going against the nature?

The city doesn't like to sleep, does it? That everyone's trying their best to stay awake, to stay ahead. But little do they know that if one's soul needs no rest, one does not live anymore. They're still breathing, but not living.

For they've lost the essence of life, which is to spend a little time for a quiet moment, to stare at the night sky and enjoy the darkness that only be penetrated by humble stars.

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