Thursday, April 08, 2010

random pictures

1. Swimming pool in Vistana

2. Various coloured paper stripes in random order, before a "big project" sequel.

3. One of the cards I made this week. Why does inspiration always come at night? *panda eyes*
4. The Simpsons


Xu Vin said...

simpsons! :P

i spent 1am-5am making cards as well last night haha. i mean, this morning. hehe.

cher cant wait to c u again!!

Gine said...

Vin! Haha, seems like we're more "productive" if we were to stay up and make cards :) And I totally understand the not-sleeping-early-even-AFTER-exam experience, haha! Yes, MPO MPO!

San Dee said...

Isn't that is my poster!lol