Tuesday, March 17, 2009

A Breath for the Sunset

You know, sunset is always beautiful. No words can ever explain how perfect the scene is, and no eyes can ever appreciate enough of how brilliant the colours from the sun mixed together to paint the picture. Breath-taking is really a suitable word to describe it, because as one looks at the view, he may have gasped and forgotten how to breathe, literally. 

And every sunset is different, despite the fact that the Earth has gone through endless evenings, at different location and time.

I felt wasted as I realised I nearly miss the sunset. I only managed to catch a glimpse at the purplish sky, before it turned navy blue. And the street lights couldn't wait to be the one catching my attention, as I was still mesmerised by God's painting.

One may not know if tomorrow will surely come. But if it does, it is going to start in a way which is as awesome as the way it ends.

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