Monday, March 16, 2009

*hold breath*

1. I'm going to bite my tongue speaking in BM on Thursday morning.
2. I'm going to sprain my fingers typing in BM  untill I'm done with thesis writing.
3. I'm going to crack my head thinking about everything related to my research.
4. I'm going to spend the last penny to bribe my body not to fall sick at this time of the year.

Most of the data I search for is not the answer to my research question, but the journals or information regarding my research, haha how irony. Primary source primary source primary source....

And of course research involves failure and hindrance, that is why it is called "RE-search".

Be strong *clench teeth*


Xu Vin said...

u can do it cher! :D

awesome ppl always cn! :P

Anonymous said...

ur thesis is in bm ka? kesian..i've forgotten most of my bm already.. lol

Gine said...

Yes, in BM. I'm cool with it if they teach Science and Maths in English because I have this unexplainable liking towards English since kindergarten. I'm also cool with it when I learn Science and Maths in BM during secondary school, because those words are standardised. When come to uni, they like to campur here and there, direct translate some, use weird BM term some, it makes me sick of it. If people out there want to bising to use BM in teaching Science and Maths, make sure they can afford to continue it till tertiary level ma, do you hear me, Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka?