Tuesday, March 31, 2009

priceless = invaluable or has no value?

If you say friendship is a dwi-direction relationship, will you be mad at me if I made a decision that is best for us yet breaks our friendship?

It has been a very difficult (OK, not that difficult, but it's been lingering on my mind and driving me crazy for a while now) time for me. To defend what seems to be changing right in front of my eyes, and within myself. I hate it when my perception towards a person changes from good to bad. But I can't help it. And if I remain in denial, I'll hurt myself even more.

I hate the situation so much that... I want to dissociate myself from it. I didn't know I will have to make such a decision when I first know them, until recently, when something just isn't the same anymore. Am I too rigid a person, who cannot adapt to changes? Am I too selfish a friend, who cannot support my friends who have made an inform decision for themselves, simply because, I don't like the situation once things change?

I thought we were best friend, until I come to realise that I have too little faith in our friendship, that you're going to change because of something which seems to be more important in everyone's life, that I'll become less important to you then. Should I disappoint you, I am sorry. I am sorry I have made a decision that is best for you, at the cost of our friendship, if it doest cost anything at all to you.

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