Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spiritual Orgasm

Why do I have to prove to you that my religion is real? I don't care if yours are anyway. Because religion is a personal beliefs. Hence I don't mind if you'll never understand or agree with what I believe in. Because I believe it's by God's grace to open your heart to accept Him when His time comes. Even if you don't believe that (my) God does exist, I.don'! Because it's enough that I believe in Him. BUT, never go beyond the freedom of expression by criticising other religions which you never able to make sense of. Because it only shows how shallow and ignorant you are, by generalising the whole picture. I won't hate you. Why would I go agianst God's order to not to hate just because someone said something less intelligent?

You know what does it mean by asking:" So what is your faith?" It means irregards of everything in the world that has or yet to happen, you will still hold strong to certain principles that define your life. We don't need explaination to tell us why it is better to do this or that, or, CANNOT do this or that. Simply because I believe that (my) God does exist, AND if He said so, hence it has got to be real. Period. Don't use your judgement to judge my religion and laugh at my practice. Because as a non-believer, you will never understand how awesome it is like to be able to follow what my God says.


taiko said...

cool cool cool
why is spiritual orgasm.
i know the two words, not when they are put together.

Gine said...

Have you ever felt extremely good when you're filled with Spirit or any religious empowerment? I got this idea when my friend told me that, if we learned a lot from Bible but do not "exercise" it, then we'll get spiritual obesity. Hence we should practice what we believe. Like, we believe we should love everyone, so we should practise it. Spiritual orgasm is like, one felt like he's so close to God and it's an extremely good feeling, that no other feelings can beat it.

And yeah, maybe it doesn't match my post because I was in a hurry when I was posting this post, and I just put the word that hit me recently :)