Friday, April 24, 2009

As the bright star cruises west

At some point I really think that I should give Kevin my Blogspot password, too. Now. As I've given him my Facebook password almost 3 weeks ago, I have not signed into it since then. And I tend to update my blog every other day! Albert said that I seem like blogging everyday., Albert. Not everyday kia su de ma.

There's something at the back of my head. I know what it is and I wanted to blog about it. It's something that I want to discuss constructively. But I can't do it now. I shall do so after my exam and viva. When I really have the time to think about it and structure it out. But yeah, June's heard about it from me yesterday :) Thanks for dropping by, dear. Anytime.

But if a blog is like an outlet for a twisted mind of Kevin, then he will understand perhaps this is the thing I can't live without. A venue for expression. I'm not sure if I like the attention from BloggerUnited everytime I sign in or posted up a new post, but I do treasure the comments by every visitors. Nonetheless, every time as I wanted to post up something, I have to think about the consequences it may have, the possible scrutinization and the judgement which hence follows, maybe? This blog used to be known to nobody but myself. And I felt no pressure in posting up everything. Now that I understand there are people who are actually free enough to do blogwalking around, I wonder if I am strong enough not to give their take on my blog a damn.

Maybe I already am.

Tomorrow is Saturday. It's not a usual Saturday. A friend of mine is flying to somewhere known for their cute guys. Of course he'll be back in a while. But I'll still keep him in prayer. And watch the night sky as a tiny bright spot cruises west. Someone who's always around, and knows when to ask "So do you want coffee too?", will be out of contact for a while. I think I just need to get use to it, don't I?

I want souvenirs. Bring back a cute guy's contact for me, won't you? :) And come back cepat la kia su de ma.


Wen said...

I like your title: you are getting better and better in blogging! :D

hope that matters because I always tell my friends forget about my criticisms but remember my praises, because criticisms are often born without much thought (most of the time we're just shooting our mouths off and get a boot planted deep inside), but praises are a collection of love, warmth, and genuine respect for another human being...

Gine said...

Thanks WW! Good to hear from you la, to know that you're still alive besides reading ur work from The X which doesn't cruises west *wink*

True, sincere praises are a collection of love and respect as how you put it (wow, I never think of it that way, good point!) But I think criticism is beneficial, too, the constructive ones. Anyway, as long as it's from u, that's good enough :)