Thursday, April 09, 2009

weird mood

In case you don't know:

1. I am looking forward to listening to all the songs in Taylor Swift's Fearless. I love her voice.

2. I'm now suffering from monotaxiophobia - afraid to take taxi alone. It used to be so natural, just need to hop in and reach destination safely. Of course I'll stay alert and all. But now, I cannot even bear the thought of flagging down a taxi at taxi stand all by myself.

3. I think I NEED a bear hug, or a heart-warming verbal conversation in English. Now. Or ASAP. If you can give me any of these, please do...

Feeling kinda weird today, physically and mentally.

Oh, it's Good Friday tomorrow.

1 comment:

Xu Vin said...

cher...! virtual HUG. dun emo....!! :P