Monday, April 20, 2009

Of MPH Distributors Warehouse Sale and Paulo Coelho

I was over the moon as I read this *hula dance around in the room* :

But the problem is, I don't know the location mentioned in the ads. Secondly, it's during my exam >.< 

Special Offers:
1. The first 200 customers daily who spend RM200 and above will receive a special goodie bag for free PLUS if you are a DiGi subscriber or MPH Readers' Circle member, you will also receive a pair of exclusive shotglass for free.

2. Star Two readers will enjoy further marked down prices on 28 selected titles. Lookout for the highlights on 24th and 28th April in The Star. (D'you hear that, Pau? Keep the newspaper of that day for me!!)

3. FREE books up for grabs for the readers of TheSun and Malay Mail. Lookout for the write ups on 27th April. T&C applies.

On another note, I didn't know that one of my all time favourite authors has published a new book until a few minutes ago! I was very excited as I saw Paulo Coelho, who is loved for his mysticism and spiritual messages style of writing, embarks on a new direction: thriller! I love his previous works, as listed in my Flipping list. But none of it is any closer to a thriller than Obama and his Zero Nuke dream. Thriller is not my type of pastime, be it movies or books. But I'd like to give it a try :)

Presenting, the book:

Till here for now. This is the 200th post for this blog, and I blogged about my favourite pastime, from my favourite author :D


Anonymous said...

but i duno where's it

Calvin Soo KJ said...

hi gine....thanks for dropping by my blog. and thanks for the info on mph. we dont have it here in kuantan. so driving all the way to kl to buy books, to me its not worthwhile for a couple of bucks off the price. plus, the toll is killing me. cheers and god bless :)

Gine said...

Maybe there are other bookstores that have sales in Kuantan, too? Or second hand bookstores which are less popular than the big bookstores *ahem* Kinokuniya *ahem* Borders *ahem* MPH *ahem* but nonetheless offer good books at good price! =)

Anonymous said...

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