Sunday, April 12, 2009

I know you like it

You hold it firmly in your hand, stick it gently through your lips, and it dances around in your mouth. In and out, some like it fast, some like it slow. You're getting more experience in doing this as you practise it more often. You can even do it with your eyes close. It takes only 10 minutes to get the job done, when white liquid leaks out from your month. And it makes the smile on your face spells: Pleasure.

Pleasure because now your oral is clean :)

Ah, I love brushing my teeth with Darlie toothpaste, especially with a new toothbrush.


Xu Vin said...

brush teeth for TEN MINUTES???? cher u're obsessed w ur toothbrush.... :S

Gine said...

haha, ok, maybe not 10, but 5 minutes are definitely not enough..