Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Art Skill Challenge

It involves measuring and drawing lines at 2cm wide along the border of the paper, so there's space to apply glue for the next layer, then another line at 1cm (inside) to standardise the width of each writing stripes. Yes I am that schema. What to do when I am artistically challenged AND have a friend *ahem* Kevin *ahem* who is much MUCH better in drawings than I am, also making birthday card for the same person? When free-hand drawing is failing me, I need to rely on straight, guided lines. Yes, using rulers and involving mathematics in arts! lol.

Next, cutting along the line and trimming off the extras according to the arrangement of respective colours, and of course pasting down one by one, to the lines drew previously on the stripes before it.

And finally writing down the long, spiralling-to-make-one-tilts-his-head-and-turns-the-card-around-as-reading-it birthday wishes that have to end EXACTLY at the last inch of the whole page, not too short, not too long. If not, the whole card is as good as a trash.

Here it is:

And another one:


Xu Vin said...

OMG CHER U DAMN KIASU WOMAN!!!! took up a WHOLEeee pageeeee on darryl's card!! hahhahahahahha!!!! (i'm cooler cz i purposely left the other page on darryl's card empty for u 2 try 2 be cool n fill mwahahhahaha) lol.

Gine said...

Hee hee, well, Lee Fang managed to squeeze her wishes under mine after that. Apparently old people are cooler!

Penny said...

Sweet ;)

Gine said...

Thanks dear =)

bijen moretti said...

btw very nice and creative..
lyke it..

Gine said...

*grin* Thanks! Was pretty proud of it as I marked the last drop of ink on it at 3:30am. And I'm happy that my friend likes it, too =) Thanks for dropping by.

bijen moretti said...

im also lyke to design my own card to give to blablabla..
meaningful and have their own trademark touch there..

Gine said...

I agree. But I seldom make cards for friends bcz usually I don't have the materials and ideas, and TIME, haha. Even the coloured papers I used here are from my another friend, Xu Vin, the maniac girl who screamed the first in this comment column ;-)