Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Names

That even the slightest mention of her name shall scratch a scar on my heart.  A scar as deep as a bottomless hollow. But even if you don't mention it, I can hear your heart calls out to her, so dearly that even your every heart beat rhymes with it, so loudly that my ears hear nothing more than the scream of my wound as salts are poured onto it. 

Silence shall roar at the chaotic emotions. And the wilderness shall be filled with shadows of emptiness. The greatest despair is not when you can't hear the sighs of my heart, but the flicker in your eyes as the sweet name is breathed.

For even the slightest mention of your name shall now burn myself into ashes.


Kamigoroshi said...

And like a phoenix, it's a chance to rise anew from the burning embers of the old.

Gine said...

wow... thanks ;-) Nice one..*OMG I'm speechless*