Friday, April 03, 2009

Breakaway. Kejap.

Came back from adjudication for a round of friendly debate in IMU today. And... it's an enjoyable evening! I finish my one-week quota of laughter in one evening. In one car ride, actually. I was not the one driving. Hence I appreciate the traffic jam (which made it looked as if EVERYONE is heading to KTSN for no apparent reason) which prolonged the time I had for a heart lightening conversation. It felt great to be able to share everything with someone whom I know is not going to judge me for whatever I trust him with.

And I met Mar-Jie!!!12 Miss your smile, darling!

OK, THESIS!!!!!12

1 comment:

Mar-Jie said...

i miss miss miss you toooooooo!
your face, your smile, your laugh, your hair-flipping, your HHHness, YOU.

okay, sounding wrong. will stop now. xD