Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I have been trying to figure out a way to put this thought into a post, like I always do for most of my posts - I think of a special way to present a simple idea, challenge myself to be more creative. But I just can't. For the first time I feel helpless even to start to write it.

Sometimes I like KL. But KL is always a cold, empty city at night. Tomorrow morning, a soul will leave KL, Malaysia. And this place is going to be one soul less to keep it warm.

I have always thought this day is not going to come, yet. During Jan 2009, Oct was very likely to take forever to come. It's 10 freaking months to enjoy, to relax, to take for granted.

But tonight is the night, to beat good bye to my favourite bar tender, a wonderful colleague whom I had learnt countless valuable life lessons from, a great friend in whom I can always trust, admire, and look up to.

He told me he is grateful of the chance to be my friend (He is from Myanmar, hence he doesn't have much -real- Malaysian friends), and apologised for any mistake he's done. My throat swelled and all the words were stuck there. He made a debater went speechless. I couldn't tell him enough how glad I am to ever get to know him, a humble guy with an ambitious heart. He lives with principles guarding his life value, and he is down to earth.

Min Htay, you'll always be my brother whom I shall remember in my prayers. You have my best wishes for your future undertaking. And if you decided to stay in Myanmar, your home country, I want to believe that Myanmar will treat you better than how Malaysia had treated you, that you'll have loads more friends than you had here. Because happiness is how you value your life, and friendships are what make you happy.

Take care.

It seems like, a series of departures are preparation for me to face a bigger departure in near future ;-(


Xu Vin said...

it's reli warm of u to wish him heartfelt wishes, to pray for blessings all along his way, i feel v touched.

cheer up, cher...! :) i'm sure ur call b4 his departure matters a lot to him. it'll leave a sweet melody ringing in his heart all the way back home. =D

Gine said...

Luckily I didn't go swimming last night, though I did think of doing so. I was in time to pick up his call, and rushed to KL Sentral to meet him before he flew off 6 hours later.