Friday, October 16, 2009

What do 3 months mean?

It means:
1. Group Policy files
(a) check and update the claims records for policies file that is expiring in 2 months time. If the claim is suspicious, then we'll have to take out the claim files and check the hospital bill. Abdominal pain is definitely not an acceptable diagnosis to be claimed for coverage. Diabetes mellitus was written in black and white as your pre-existing sickness which you've had before the inception date, what the h*ll did the third party approve your claims for it?

(b) calculate the overall loss ratio of the account for every individual company or group or holding, and decide if we should do something about it. Finally, close file, and start again with another file.

2. Individual policy
(a) check and update claims records, check premiums, check age limits, calculate loss ratio, close file, next.

3. Third Party name list
(a) check the names, dates, do payment, send emails, close case.

4. Premium quotations
(a) check claims records if it's a request for upgrading plans. check number of employees, check nature of occupation and overall total premium contribution and loss ratio from other classes. Edit the dates of issuance and remarks for wording, send it out, follow up later. If taken up or rejected, close case.

5. Read the boring Malaysian politics and not emotional Jodi Picoult.

6. Work OT. Don't go for swimming so that I don't let my mind wanders off in the pool.

7. Don't listen to David Cook's songs. And Kris Allen's, too.

8. Keep talking to random strangers.

9. Don't drink/smell/ look at coffee.

10. Stop crying.

All the above, times three. Time does fly, right?


Alison.Monday said...

3 months,and i'm still sober...-Kelly Clarkson haha
dear Cherlinn,why do you have to torture yourself?
give urself a break k?^^

Xu Vin said...

cher! but u love swimming n coffee n all those things! :S

its ok i'm dumber than u i dun understand ur insurance thingy stuffs thingeeeee?

take care cher!