Thursday, October 22, 2009

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Some of my friends told me they like my writings here (One of them is Fea! It's really an honor.). I am always happy to have people telling me that. But when I was choosing my career path, the thought of working as a writer only stuck in my head for a while. It'll be good to if I could write for my living, but I doubt I can really be that good, not to mention catching up with the deadlines as well. Shivered, I dropped that dream, and pursued other options. I was then crazy over being a medical underwriter for insurance company, which is what I'm working as now.

Recently there were crazy, controversial bells ring in my head as I read the newspaper or came across some incidents/news/situation, etc. It hits me that, if I were paid to express my thoughts on what I observe around me, I'd be a controversial writer. It kinda scares me. Really.

There was once when I read that there was a commotion or fight during a by-election at a not very well-known place. What actually hit me was not how some Malaysians had become uncivilised and got physical over this small scale by-election. What rang in my head was that: these "supporters" of opposing parties were paid to put up a show to attract the attention from the media and hence the related candidates could have free publicity. Even if either of them lost in the by-election, they’re at least known to more people who happen to read the news and get to know about the by-election and candidates than without such drama. The commotion may also indicate that the by-election must have been crucial hence the tension. This draws curiosity of the people for a bit more and hopefully they spend some time reading the articles. To be honest, I had a feeling that it was God who spoke to me.


When Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, the bell rang again. This time, I heard that, Obama may or may not have contributed significantly in creating peace in the world, but he absolutely needs that prize right now.


I realise that, the war on terror is not the most detrimental war, but the war with mindsets are. The big powers have been using this tactic all along. To win this war, one has to change the enemy's mindset to be the one they want them to have. Whoever becomes the follower of the "new" mindset is the loser. And we're not only changing the mindset of the leaders, most importantly are the people, poisoning their minds one person at a time. Imposing the idea of who is being more superior and everyone should follow, or even imitate the actions of the superior ones.

Do you know how to keep a Third World country remain one? That's right, the Third-World mindset: It's ok if you're developing at a slow pace, because you're a Third World country; It's ok to borrow money from the IMF or World Bank, because Third World countries are poor and have trouble in sustaining themselves, etc. It's ok to abide to the rules set by the First World, because they’re always the one in front anyway. Do you know how to keep a Follower forever be one? Impose the idea that they have to depend on the Leader for major decision, or major contribution to the field. The First World paints the picture of being superior to the Third World that advancement in technology will never come to the latter unless the former is willing to transfer it here, that only their styles and fashion can bring “revolution”, that their standard is the universal measurement, etc. And when you talk about the image of a country, nothing has more to do with perception than painting the right (or conveniently wrong) picture at the right time.

That the western lifestyle is always more interesting and exciting: fast food served fast, tasty and ready to go. They tell you it's a happy experience to eat at fast food outlet with your family. But they didn't tell you too much of those "happy moments" may get your blood vessels clogged with fats. When the organic food frenzy takes over the fried food, they sell "healthy" salad at a price higher than fatty food, because to stay healthy is “supposedly” a conscious move. Fantastic.

Back then wearing animal furls was a code for the "upper class" in the society, thanks to the fashion Leaders. Now as the animal rights group detested the practise, they're the one who make the loudest noise in support of such clause, and instantly discriminate those who killed those poor little fury friends. And they believe whatever they've done in the past shouldn't be mentioned or apologise for because they've "moved on".

They told you their coffee is planted in some exotic places in Africa, with the best combination of nature and nurture, comes the coffee beans with the best taste. They show you pictures that they are the developer for such places, providing job opportunity and bringing civilisation, but they never mention what they've done to the original plantations there. Have they destroyed the crops that survive better with the soil and weather there for the sake of planting these coffee beans in large, commercial scales? Will these foreign species be bring harm to the nature or minerals of the soil there if such plantation continues? Do they pay the local workers enough or are they just abusing them as cheap labour even if a cup of those "fine" coffee cost more than the usual ones? Are the Africans exchanging their crops for food with crops for more business but no food? Are they making the resourceful Third Worlds being dependent on the "provider" First World, who are leeching off the natural resources from the former when everyone's attention is elsewhere? The main thing is to impose the idea that they're always right and at a higher ground. Even if you don't understand why we shouldn't let an animal go extinct, the Follower will follow whatever the Leader says, because hopefully hence the former will have the resemblance in status to the latter as well. You don't have to know that they're the one who abuses the labors, because they serve you nice coffee. You don't have to know they use child labor because they make nice clothes for your kids. You don't have to know they're the one who make us depend and invested in unhealthy lifestyle before telling us it is bad. Simply because they know we'd all think highly of them and have faith in them as the Leader.


You know the significance of Malaysia Day recently announced? 16th September 1963 was the day Malaysia became the official name for this country AND everyone knows about that. Few years ago voices were getting stronger on having a bigger scale of celebration on this day than how it's celebrated back then - way too unceremoniously if compared to National Day every 31st August. But why only recently that it's announced to be a public holiday?

Link 1Malaysia fever proposed enthusiastically by our PM, and the governmental effort to discuss the most needed approach to racial unity, to having the indigenous groups in East Malaysia to be noticed and keeping the Special Rights and Privileges for the Bumiputras while everyone continue to discuss how to avoid the “us” and “them” separation. Do you see what I see?



Humayra' said...

well written cher.
yes, perhaps u should be a controversial writer. for the star, maybe.

liked the way u give example on coffee and fur. never thought of those before..

truth and lies.. everything isn't just black and white and simple, is it..

Xu Vin said...

cher u opened my mind with your article. it's a good one! :D

u make me feel like staring at Starbucks or Coffee Bean with scorn n tink twice b4 loving some branded items out thr. ahaha.

Gine said...

thanks, girls :) I got the idea about coffee when I was doing Ai Huey's assignment on African conflicts. It's really an opener for me, too.