Thursday, October 08, 2009

Let Me Runaway

Most people believe that one will only starts to appreciate the good things when they're about to or already have lost them. But if I've started to appreciate the good things or people or moments in my life way before I'm about to loose them, why do I still feel the heartache when I count the days leading to their departure?

Somehow I begin to understand why some people refuse to love for fear of great hurt which follows separation. Don't tell me physical separation is nothing and I'll always stay in your hearts. The fact that none of you can be replaced (though many others have attempted and unfortunately failed miserably to imitate your every action) in my life is a disaster to me, when the day comes.

Jun Hoe's flying to Spain in less than 2 week's time, till end of this year. Medic/2 debaters are leaving to HUKM in _________ time (You know, I just don't even dare to count the days). Even if I started to treasure every day that I have with them, it's still too late already.

May I move on or runaway first before you do? Wait, don't tell me the answer. I know I'll hate it. And I dislike it even more knowing that it's totally not your fault.

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Xu Vin said...

dun u dare runaway or else HeiTauSar wil come chasing after u (with a butterfly net). even if it means risking his fragile biscuit life to go to Penang n risk being caught n sold by some Penang TauSarPia shop. :D

dun tink bout it cher! i myself darent either. let time come on its own. (this is the worst advice i hav ever given 2 sum1 grin)