Thursday, July 23, 2009

Athletes in City

White formal blouse - checked
Black slacks - checked
Hair tied up - checked
Brown leather tote bag - checked
make-ups - checked
breakfast - checked
coffee - double checked
Office ID card - checked
RM2 for bus fare - checked

Last but not least, the heels - checked

I always wonder which type of runnings is more challenging, the one on the athlete track in their running shoes, or the one at basically every possible corner in the city, ON heels.

Kevin asked me if I like swimming really because I love the activity per se. I have no doubt that I am crazy over swimming and the refreshing moment every time a big gulp of oxygen runs down my lungs. But there's another reason why I always challenge myself to go for more laps, at a faster speed sometimes, ending with me leaning at the edge and panting with satisfaction as I got saturated with lactic acid.

Because I need to train my stamina to run, to catch the RapidKL bus B103, which is quite punctual (7:30am), to work. And it's not just a normal jog, but really a life or death sprint, on heels. Alright, should I miss the bus, I can always take the monorail to work. But that also means I have to spend more money on transport that day. And if I were to wait for the next bus, the traffic on road would be more congested and I could end up being late for work. NooOOooOoo!!

First of all the heels have to have the ability to carry you as far as your strength allow you to. Next, it all depends on your skills to balance on them while you run, GRACEFULLY. Bet you haven't seen any track athletes sprint their legs off without twitching a facial muscle. And, all the above items have to remain in respective place as you carry out this task.

Surviving in a city (for a girl) is not just settling down there with a decent job. Really. Girls power is turning the heels which kills into a supportive friend.

Gene posted about his new Nike Air shoe. I love Nike sports shoe too - they are undisputably comfortable. I think they should make heels as a new line of their product, too. Don't you agree?

p/s: I haven't swum for four days already! Must swim kuat-kuat tonight! ;-)


yiLiaN said...

haha, i got an idea here. y dun u keep a pair of heels in your office and wear another pair of shoes while going to work. so that when u reach there, u can change your shoes. but of course, heels look the best on girls! ;D

Gine said...

Smart girl, Yi Lian ;-) I did think of that too, but err.. slipper looks weird with the attire la. And if I can find a pair of shoe which is comfortable enough to run in plus doesn't look weird with the attire, I don't think I need to change into another shoe in office already, haha.

Thanks girl :-)