Thursday, July 09, 2009

Physical Attack Statement Does Not Stand

When a debater shuts up and looks at you sympathetically, you know your arguments (at least you think that those are valid arguments) failed to save you. This is because debaters are trained to disregard any fluffy word/sentence, which does not go in line with the clashes of discussion, and move on from the topics (and sometimes, their more meaningful life). And if you’ve spent 5 minutes making pathetic physical attack statements only, such as

“Oh, that’s because you have had memory loss!”

hence acknowledging the fact that no nice-talks could ever be attempted anymore is the conclusion.

It did hurt, but sometimes smart people understands that replying to it will only degrade herself to the same level as the one who said it.

With greatest sympathy,

Disclaimer: This is not my real life encounter but merely as an observer of this incident.


Kevin Tan said...

yes cher linn!!! ppl who only give personal attacks have nothing to say and it is worthless to pay them any attention.

idiots, the lot of them!

Gine said...